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Thesis Project

Like a true Minnesotan transplant to Canada, My PhD research focused on cold climates in the habitable zone--in particular, if it's an Earth-like planet and it has ice on its surface, I'm interested in what makes it tick. One of the key questions for this research was not only what causes a planet to be frozen or temperate, but whether or not that can be constrained with observations. I used a pipeline I built to run huge numbers of 3D numerical climate simulations, produce fake observations of those planets, and then assess whether or not you can tie those observables to the underlying climate. You can learn more about what I did during my PhD research here.

One of the major outcomes of my PhD work, the ExoPlaSim climate model, is now available on my GitHub and can be installed with pip! Documentation is available at If you have questions or problems, please reach out to me via email.



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